Vegan Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie with Butterscotch and Chocolate Sauce


I have no idea what to call this, but I know it’s good! It’s like a good version of a snickers bar..wonderfully chocolatey with a deep nutty flavour and smothered with creamy butterscotch and topped with chocolate sauce. And absolutely no one would know that this was a Raw Vegan recipe with no refined sugar. […]

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Chocolate and Rose celebration cake


This morning I realised I didn’t ever share this cake with you! A few weeks ago I wanted to make a celebration cake for some friends that were passing a nine week training course at work. This was the first cake that came to mind. I love Jamie Oliver recipes and find they always come […]

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Fijian style wedding cake

Fijian wedding cake 738

A beautiful friend asked if I would decorate her wedding cake and of course I was delighted! Rachel and Pita had a gorgeous ceremony yesterday and I was super proud to have the cake I decorated on show to all the guests. They wanted a simple Fijian style cake with flowers so I created them […]

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A Dorset Coast Themed Cake – Durdle Door


I have lived in Dorset my whole life and I love it! There is so much to explore and some areas just don’t get boring no matter how many times you visit. Durdle Door is one of those places. The iconic rocks are the first thing that most people think of when you say the […]

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Home Made Hot Cross Buns – Jamie Oliver Recipe


“According to ancient superstition, baking your own hot cross buns on Good Friday will help you win friends, influence people, protect against kitchen fires, and guarantee that all bread baked in your kitchen turns out perfectly…” I made mine on Easter Sunday – does that still count?! ha ha. I have never made hot cross […]

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Ferrero Rocher Cake Recipe


Today was Mothers Day and we had the family round for lunch. I had seen this amazing looking Ferrero Rocher cake that has been featured in the latest Jamie Oliver Magazine and knew I had to find a reason to make it. Well today was the day! It did take quite a while to make […]

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Salted Caramel Cupcake Recipe


I’ve had a few months off the blog for various reasons and now I am ready to slowly come back to it. Those of you that follow my Facebook page may have seen the request for these, but for those that don’t, here it is… How could I refuse?! I also love salted caramel and […]

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Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake


Last year I made Paige a Squirrel cake. It must have been good as they came back for more. Paige has just turned 4 and what she really wanted was a sleeping beauty cake….lots of pink and gold hair! This is the type of cake I love creating! This is how I made it… Ingredients […]

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Danger! Cosmetics to Go 1st Birthday Book Cake


I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I work for Lush and this week my baking task was to bake a birthday cake for Danger!…Cosmetics to Go -┬áIt has been a year since the launch of this amazing book that tells the story of the company that came before Lush. When the […]

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Blackberry and apple turnovers with home made custard


Each year since moving into our house, I have said I would use the wild Blackberries and Elderflower growing around the edges of the garden. I missed the Elderflower season again this year, but today I went out and collected a bowl full of Blackberries to make some Blackberry and Apple Turnovers. I can’t wait […]

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