Vegan Oreo Cupcake recipe


This is the third cupcake batch that I made last weekend. Vegan cupcakes were requested so I went to the trusty vegan cupcakes recipe book and chose the cookies and cream version of the chocolate cupcake. I did a bit of research to check that Oreos really were vegan…I always have a worry that I […]

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Easy chocolate and whipped cream cupcake recipe


I don’t know if you have tried any recipes with fresh cream frostings rather than buttercream? I haven’t looked back since to be honest! It makes the cake taste so much lighter and is definitely not so sickly! So when I was asked to make some birthday cupcakes for a training group at work, I […]

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Easy Wedding Cupcakes


This week I had the delightful job of making a small batch of cupcakes for a bride to enjoy on the morning of her big day with her bridesmaids. I had free reign to make what I wanted which was lovely – a quick search on Pintrest gave me lots of inspiration! Her favourite cake […]

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Rolo Cupcake Recipe


Mmmmm….chocolate sponge, caramel filling and a chocolate fresh cream topping! Sound good?…. It was my husbands birthday this week and he requested some cupcakes to take into work. I showed him my Pinterest board for inspiration and he said he wanted Rolo cupcakes. I started looking around for a recipe but I didn’t like any […]

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Eton Mess Cupcake Recipe


I actually made these a few weeks ago and forgot to share them with you. And as Spring officially started this week and the first of the British strawberries are hitting the shops, it reminded me of these beautiful cupcakes. They are so light, fluffy and full of flavour. And they received a lot of […]

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Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe – A Birthday treat!


Everyone has their baking disasters and I have had my fair share this week. It started off when I made some Eton Mess Cupcakes (I’ll post these soon) and I split and ruined the cream at 9pm meaning I couldn’t finish them until the next day. And yesterday, I made 3 versions of this cake […]

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Coffee Cake Cupcakes


As a lot of what I bake goes to work, this weekend I decided to bake something for the family. I asked my husband what he would like and he asked for Coffee cake. My mum makes a good coffee cake, although I managed a pretty good one too last year! So this time I […]

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Disney Pixar Cars – Lightning McQueen Cupcakes


These delightful cupcakes were simple to make and look great at a party. I was asked to make some for a little boys 2nd birthday and I hope he enjoys them! Not having any children ourselves, I love the challenge of making children’s birthday cakes. I totally understand that some mums think it’s important to […]

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How to make a Pizza Cake


It’s taken me a little while to get back into baking. I didn’t bake half as much as I had wanted to over the Christmas season, then we went away for New Year and now I’m busy at work doing half of my current job and half of my new job. And work is the […]

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Vegan Margarita Cupcake Recipe


Happy New Year to all  my Sunday Baking friends! I know it’s been a while, but life has been pretty hectic over the last month or so (although I did manage to squeeze in a little holiday to Iceland for New Year which was pretty awesome!). I even had to turn down a pretty exciting […]

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